What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Planning

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Planning

Is this a joke? How can on earth Wikipedia can’t tell me something like planning? Did this pop up in your mind?


Yes, you are hearing it right. There are some things that Wikipedia can’t tell you. Just like the points, I am going to brief in this article. Before we head towards our main agenda, let us know what planning really is.


Planning is setting up your future. Yes, your future is dependent on what and how you plan. When you have a clear view of how things are going to be in the month, you are half done. The rest of the part is incorporating it. Planning makes it easy for me to keep a balance between my personal and professional life. Moreover, being a freelancer who can understand it better?


Let’s start it with planning a month. Planning here means setting up your priorities and completing your work that needs to be done. You may have vacay plans or events coming up that you need to plan. For instance, you may have a meeting in another city and you need to plan your work schedule accordingly.


Coming up to a week, it needs to be planned in advance. Setting up the work on priority basis can help you be productive the entire week. For instance, you have your blogs scheduled for the entire week. Keep them marked on your planner so that you don’t miss out any.

Lastly, planning a day is one of the most important tasks for me. But, rather than planning it on the same day I prefer advance planning for this too. A day before is what suits me the best. I generally start my day be drafting articles. The rest of my day is dedicated to gathering materials and deciding topics for the next day. This way I am able to put all my energy in putting up the article rather than starting it from scratch.


How can planning benefit you?

Planning has been there with us since ages. There are various perspectives that it has along with an impact on life. From the books of management to our personal lives, a plan can change how we perform our tasks.

Understanding planning


How can it be beneficial in real life? Let us have a detailed look below:

  • Setting it up right: We all have priorities in our lives. Planning helps us to set those correctly. When we set up our priorities in the right manner, it becomes easier to achieve our goals. It helps in refurbishing your tasks and get a clear view of what needs to be achieved and how.
  • Doing it the bullet journal way: Bullet journal is a type of planning method which is a proven technique to increase productivity. Following a bullet journal and marking the list increases the productivity. There are various articles and videos over the internet that teaches this technique. You can search and follow it from today.
  • My time: If you are already into planning and incorporate it daily, ensure you have my time on the list. If you’re not, incorporate it from the start. This helps in spending time with ourselves and knowing us better. Understanding ourselves leads to proper planning and overcoming the shortfalls. Planning can make you realize that you’re not short of time to spend it on self.
  • The hanging fish: You can take your favorite food in place of fish. Mine is fish, no wonder. So, the hanging fish here refers to your goals. Planning makes it easier to reach out to the fish. There are various other techniques that may help to reach your goals. But, the difference with planning is it does not compromise on quality and productivity. Being in balance is what will help you to sustain in this competitive economy.
  • Productivity matters: Of course, it does. Who doesn’t want to be productive after all? Planning helps you to be productive the entire day, week and month. All you have to do is sit and make a practical plan.
  • Learning habit: An ideal plan should always consist of some learning time. I have kept sixty minutes for learning writing skills. It can be anything that you like or want to learn. Incorporating this habit can make you well versed with a subject. No matter how good you are at something, there is always something more to it that you don’t know yet.
  • Tracker: A tracker can be anything. Maybe a mood tracker or a habit tracker or period tracker. It helps to make some room for personal care. Bringing in tracking in planning can help to overcome your habits or mood swings. Alter all self-care is an important factor to be successful. How can you achieve your goal if you don’t even have control over your life?
  • Know it better: Planning helps you in knowing and understanding things in a better way. Whether it is your work or habit, it sets your right. You can always have control over what you do. An ideal planning system has always brought good in people. Also, planning one of the most common characteristics of successful people.


Concluding lines:


Planning has always been beneficial. It has always helped people to reach where they desired to be. Starting and following it may be difficult. Once you get a hold of it, trust me you’re not leaving it till the end. For me, it is like a therapy that I do on a daily basis. It helps me to get a clear picture about what my day or month looks like. Also, it has been a ladder that I won’t be giving up on till the end.


Let me conclude this article by the saying — “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” ― Yogi Berra, former New York Yankees catcher


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