Marketing Pitch That Will Make Your Client Say Yes

Marketing Pitch That Will Make Your Client Say Yes

Marketing pitch, is a critical aspect of a business relationship. Have you ever wondered about the connection between oral pitch and written pitch? Well, the highness and lowness of your oral tone work in written communication too.

Say for instance,

Option 1: Dear Sir, Morning. I have attached the file, please review and let me know your views.

Option 2: Dear Sir, Morning. I hope you are having a good day. As discussed earlier, I have attached the file for your review. Please do not hesitate to reach me in case of any queries or changes.

Perceived the variance? Both the options are not discourteous but there is a disparity. When you draft something, keeping the recipient ahead of you will enhance your communication. This is something that I have learned over time.

Relatedly, this also works when you draft a pitch. Let us see how can you draft a pitch that will make your client say yes in one go.

As mentioned in my previous blog, there diverse alternatives of pitching are:

  • Cold pitching;
  • LinkedIn job posts;
  • Facebook job posts;
  • Job portals;
  • Reaching out to other freelancers;
  • Freelance writing websites.

It depends upon how you would like to approach for work. Neither of way is wrong or inappropriate. But, it depends on the individual what suits him or her the best.

I like to approach either through LinkedIn or applying to vacancies. Rest of my work comes from referencing through my existing and old clients.

From the options, LinkedIn and Facebook posts have their own process. You need to follow the ascertained steps and attain your goal. However, other procedures of pitch entail a route which should encompass the following facets.

  1. Figure out the how factor: There is a way out to say things. Figure out the flow or ascertain the parts of your pitch. What unique can you include to get noticed? Figure out these things and try to be different. You can even use video as your pitching tool. I have never heard about this, but it just struck me. It can be even some visuals or infographic that you can add in your normal pitch. I still remember how my college friend made a resume video when we were assigned to draft a resume. This is what made her unique and stand out from all of us. You can think of your options and come to your discovery of HOW.


  1. Pitch what you are: People often get anxious about “how will the client think about me.” This is seriously not a thing to worry about. There are a different set of expectations. If not this, there are other options still open. When you pitch what you are, the task becomes easy by fifty percent. Because you don’t have to try hard in becoming or doing what you wrote in the pitch. It is the job of your client to find the like-minded people for him. You need not worry whether you suit his or her type. There would be others who will believe in you. So, just be yourself and cast the pitch.


  1. Drag them to your idea: Here, you need to picture your idea in a way that will drag the client towards it. For products, it is creating the need. For services, it can be you. Yes, you heard it right. Services are similar in nature but how would you offer them, is unique. A way that I learned some time ago was to convey to them the “Why”. There is a beautiful book by Simon Sinek – “Start with Why”. It helps you to frame the alike in a distinctive approach by portraying your “Why.” I think this book can help you here. In fact, it helps me every time I work for myself or the client. I always recommend them to discover their or the article’s Why.


  1. Be ahead of your client: While you draft the pitch, you need to be one step ahead of your client. What question can hit the client’s mind next? This should be ascertained and sorted. You can even include asking questions in the pitch and make the conversation open. This practice can convey the impression that you’re well aware of the subject. The easiest way you can achieve this is by thinking your client’s way.


  1. Know your worth: Don’t ever try to underestimate yourself. You know what you are worthy of. Let your work speak while you quote your fees. However, you need to know yourself to determine your worth. You can always work on it but do not hesitate to quote what you deserve. If you have even one percent doubt, stay quiet. Let the other side come to you with what they can offer. Later, it’s up to you whether to go with it or no.


  1. Wear your confidence as an asset: Your confidence is communicable. It is loud for others to hear. Wear it as the most precious thing that you possess. You do not need anyone’s approval or likings towards you to showcase your confidence. It’s you and this is how you work. But, but, but, stay grounded. Whatever you achieve in your life, one thing that conveys your personality is your attitude.


  1. Rejection is part of the game: Rejection for me is a learning opportunity. Every time you get rejected, there is something to learn from it. Go to the core to find out the reason for rejection. And there you are. You now know what went wrong. All you need to do is amend it in the next pitch or work. You will always have more no’s but the yes’s that you have is all that matters in the end. Embrace rejection and keep learning.

 I would like to repeat it, “be yourself.” Believe in yourself, trust me things will get better. I hope this helped you figure out your right pitch.


Happy pitching to you.


Stay Tuned! Stay Humble!


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