Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

If you’re planning your startup or already have one in place, may I ask you how do you keep your clients engaged? Digital marketing is all about keeping your clients and visitors engaged in the most creative way. This might be difficult for some, but a few have aced in keeping their visitors connected to the brand. In this article, I will try to provide you with the insights about digital marketing strategies and how can it help your business.

Unfortunately, 90% of Indian startups fail in the first five years due to the lack of creativity and innovation. So, we come to the conclusion that having a team, ideas, and office in place won’t help you to reach your goals. You have to think out of the box on how you can provide unique customer experience and retain your clients.

The digital marketing experience is a lot more moving than we ever expected. Each aspect of it is changing rapidly including, Google and Facebook algorithms. You may have important stuff to take care of, but a part of our job is to stay updated with upcoming trends to make the campaigns effective. This does not only sound like multi-tasking all the time, but it is that way in reality.

The emerging startups know the importance of social media. A digital marketing plan for a startup is unique for each business, which should be analysed thoroughly. So, let’s jump to the exciting strategies that you can incorporate in your business in 2020.

Shoppable Posts:

You may have noticed the new advancements in social media. Instagram shoppable post is amongst one of the top used feature by businesses. You might not have realised the number of turn-ups you may get by these posts. Nearly 60% of Instagram users say that they use “discover new products feature on Instagram. On the other hand, 70% of Pinterest users say that Pinterest helps them to find new products.

Social media sites have helped people in making purchases easy. There is a lot more expected from these features in the coming years. It may be the right time to incorporate the unique feature in your digital marketing strategy. Facebook and Instagram have come up with shoppable posts that enable the user to tag and shop the products directly from your posts.

The below image from an Indian brand Chumbak shows how shoppable post looks like.

shoppable instagram post

The photo is from their Instagram feed, and when you tap on the post, it shows the product details. When you further tap on the price, it will show more details of the product where you can also scroll down to see more products.

Augmented and Virtual Reality:

Companies like Samsung, IKEA, Oreo, and New York Times have braced AR with all its capabilities. Samsung, with collaboration with NASA, created an immersive 4D lunar gravity VR experience that enables the users to experience the most realistic moonwalk. Similarly, others have also used AR and VR to create a lasting impact on users. Not only the giants but budding tech startups like HoloSuit, and Mirrorsize have also incorporated the latest trend to impress the users.

HoloSuit uses technology that focuses on changing the way how people learn and interact in the real world. It has developed a wireless, full-body motion capture suit that enables the user to point, touch, and feel 3D objects and create a 4D experience. Similarly, Mirrorsize uses AR technology to help the garment industry in getting customer measurements. It is specially designed for businesses selling ready-made garments.

Augmented and virtual reality might be hard on your pocket as a startup. But if you can spare some bucks, this might turn out to be a game-changer.


Gone are the days when we used to say, “Content is the King.” There is already a lot of content over the internet that people might never read. Hence, the saying can be modified a little bit “Interactive content is the king of the market.” Research says that 91% of the buyers are looking for more interactive content in 2020. In other words, interactive content can be anything like shoppable posts, AR/VR, polls, and quizzes.

The interactive content increases the time one spends on your page or website. Also, the share-ability of such content is much higher than the regular ones. Interactive content will always make a difference, no matter the volume of content all over the internet.

Voice Search:

In today’s time, you should not have any doubt in believing that voice search is at boom. Researches show that by 2020 50% of all the queries will be voice-searched. There are a number of tools already that helps you to make the content voice engine optimizable.

The voice search generally works on long-tailed keywords as the query may be specific to the product or service. The marketers must use more natural language to come in the voice-search results.

voice search
Image Courtesy: Clickfirst Marketing


Don’t you love when Starbuck serves you the cup with your name written on it? 2020 will be about personalization and to what extent a brand can adapt it. It’s the best way for startups to create the brand value as personalization won’t be hard on your pockets.

Have you ever realized that you pay more attention to a personalized message from a regular one? Also, you tend to shift brands to the ones offering customized services. The impact of personalization is long-lasting. You may or may not remember the product/service, but you will always carry the customer experience in your heart. Hence, it is important for brands to create a unique and positive customer experience for their customers.

Make a note on how and where yo can implement personalization in 2020, if not already.

Social Messaging Apps

The trend of social messaging apps like Whatsapp, Hike, and Facebook Messenger has not only been limited to personal chats. The increasing trends now allow businesses to connect with their clients directly. For instance, Philips has incorporated their chat help on Whatsapp, where people can ask their queries. There are various startups who have linked their chatbots directly to their Whatsapp, where they can answer customer queries in real-time.

Data shows that Facebook Messenger sees over 10 billion messages exchanged between businesses and individuals each month. You can do a lot more than you thought over these free platforms:

  • Sending invites;
  • Conduct research;
  • Share information about your new product or service;
  • Educate about your business or brand;
  • Wishing your customers on their important days to add personalization;
  • Providing customer support;
  • Sending direct links to track products or taking customer experience surveys.

Make a list of how effectively you can use social media messengers in 2020.

How can digital marketing help you paddle the growth?

Digital marketing is a blessing if you know what’s right for your business. There’s no secret sauce to achieving high growth through digital marketing. All you need to do is find the right mix of the platforms that will help your business boost sales. However, this can be known only with different permutations and combinations.

Digital marketing strategy for startups is the most searched topic over the internet. However, the only way to get the right strategy is by applying your accumulated knowledge into practice and experiencing what works for your business.

Once you have embraced the digital marketing plan for startup, it can lead to growth. Startup players have transformed their businesses with digital marketing. One key aspect that they have followed is being consistent in their digital marketing strategy that helps businesses increase visibility in an effective manner.

A good digital marketing strategy for startups will do all the right things and attract the right kind of consumers.

Concluding Lines:

Digital marketing does not only increase traffic to your website but also builds trust and increases visibility. A digital marketing plan for startup helps companies to maintain transparency with your clients. The more transparency you keep with your clients, the stronger would be the trust.

Digital marketing is constantly changing, and the above ideas will be the real game-changers in 2020. What do you predict will be the trend in 2020? Leave us a comment on your predictions on digital marketing in 2020.


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